The Exxon Valdeez oil spill was the greatest environmental disaster caused by the oil industry until the problems caused by a BP oil platform a few years ago. Both of these events occurred in the ocean and spilled onto land. While the effects of the Valdeez oil spill have been lessened, it will take many years for the Gulf coast of the United States and Mexico to recover from the tragedy. The shores are no longer oil stained, but boats and sea going vessels were involved in the clean-up efforts after both incidents. narrowboat fitters probably did not get a chance to practice their trade in these areas, but they have been used closer to home.

How Does Someone Use Boats in Oil Spills?

Row boats and simple motor boats are often used to rescue affected wild life. Volunteers sedate the animals and clean off the skin. These small boats may also help in the placement of booms. The booms help soak up the oil and prevent it to spreading from larger portions of oceans. The booms are lowered by many different types of boats and ships. Military and commercial boats often lend a hand in the clean-up efforts.

What About Narrowboats?

Narrowboats are not usually designed to go in anything other than calm waters, but they can help closer to shore. As long as the seas are not to rough, there is no reason why operators cannot remove dead or injured animals. The wise operator will take them to people who are trained to deal with the situation in most circumstances. If the owner possesses the necessary training, he may decide to skip this step. The narrowboat fitters can help the owners make sure their craft are able to assist in clean-up efforts. They will only do it if the owner makes the request.

What About Other Types of Environmental Disasters?

While the boats can help with things that take place in canals or not far from sure, their capabilities are limited. Some vessels can also be designed to help fight fires or help with other disasters using a variety of different tools including water temperature probes and detectors. Given that this task is inherently dangerous, these boats should only be owned by professional and volunteer fire fighting companies. There is a difference between trying to put out a brush fire and trying to put out a small kitchen fire. Most people understand the facts even if they do not know all of the details involved.

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The narrowboat fitters know what their boats can be designed to do. They may want to push the envelope from time to time, but they also know what the boats cannot do. It is unlikely that these types of boats will be used outside of the United Kingdom for oil spills, but similar craft may well be used in the next major oil spill. Major companies do their best to avoid environmental disasters, but the companies still rely on people to carry out their tasks. Their will be accidents. Some of them result in a large disaster. Most do not.